Why Beaufort

We are driven by our Beliefs and our Values

What We Believe

  • We believe that each of us must take ownership of our financial future to create and protect multi-generational wealth
  • We believe that the greatest wealth builder in the world is small and medium business
  • We believe that more value is being created in private companies than public ones
  • We believe that entrepreneurs are undervalued in many developed countries
  • We believe that a well informed cohort of high net worth investors provides the strongest foundations for a growing enterprise

Values are central to me and I have found a fantastic fit with Beaufort.

Gordon White


Core Values

A Trifecta of Trust

Between Beaufort, the entrepreneurs we raise capital for and the high net worth investors we serve. Without it the whole exercise becomes worthless.

Guidance that stops short of advice

we will provide all available information to investors and give clarity on what we believe to be the strengths and risks of each opportunity, but we stop short of telling you what you should invest in.

Profit Before Political Correctness

we do not seek to win any Woke awards nor do we put ESG or any other fashionable bandwagon at the heart of our investing philosophy. We treat each opportunity on its merits and assume that our investors are sentient adults who can make their own decisions on whether a company fits their personal values.

Long Term Relationships

we took a long time to find each other so let’s take the long view on how we work together. We will continue to put time, energy and money into our relationships with investors and business owners without any sales pressure or any sense of obligation on your part. We do not set sales targets for our team – we only measure how satisfied you are and how many of your friends you refer to us.

Investment With A Twist

we will always look for the Beaufort Twist, some aspect of an opportunity that is unique or that you won’t have heard about from your other sources. We want to bring you extraordinary investments that you won’t find on the High Street or in national newspapers and magazines.

I was able to have a 1:1 with Graham and shared my plans with him. He gave me some really helpful pointers which I am now putting into action. The relationship has been life changing for me.

Darek Sliwa

Global Investor, UK and Poland