I’m struggling to comprehend the pace at which the dystopian objectives of unelected institutions are turning into a reality that will enslave us all. It’s as if they’ve all been on a jolly to China and been handed the President Xi Playbook on Effective Monitoring and Control of a Large Population. But, if I correctly understand what is now being proposed, it goes one step beyond totalitarian command of a single nation. The proposal is for global control because the technology is there to make it happen and elected national governments seem to be buying in to a globalist manifesto for which no one has voted.

It’s a challenge not to get emotional given the scale of betrayal that I feel but let me set out a series of separate announcements from supposedly independent bodies and you can make your own mind up about whether the long established Rowan paranoia is getting the better of me. Let me start by reminding you of a quote from Mayer Rothschild in the early 19th century whose time has perhaps come. “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws”. Sorry Mayer, you’re being far too parochial in your thinking. The IMF wants control of the world’s money supply and, as a completely unelected NGO, it certainly doesn’t care who makes our laws or anyone else’s.

Let me remind you of why anyone with half a brain recognizes that CBDCs represent a one-way ticket to digital slavery. Once money becomes programmable, it’s very easy to freeze it or seize it. The amount you hold can be limited, tax can be taken automatically without your authority, fines for expressing views outside the Group Think can be taken automatically, what you buy can be controlled. Money can be given an expiry date so any bribes to nudge you into the desired behaviour can be given a count-down until you use it or lose it. How much you spend can be controlled and where you spend it can be controlled. Politicians are drunk with power since Banana Syndrome and realise what a weak, frightened, compliant citizenry they have. Unelected elites from the WEF to the UN to the WHO see this as their moment to grab power and impose their version of authoritarian Marxism ‘for the common good’ and, inevitably, ‘for the sake of climate control’.

The arrogance and hubris of these people reached its Zenith in the Irish Parliament a couple of weeks ago when a Green Party MP said that, in order to preserve free speech, it will be necessary to place limits on what we can say. If we have to listen to such bollocks, is it better that it comes from an elected representative rather than a Non Government Organisation? Actually, that acronym needs to be updated. It seems to me that all NGOs are turning into GGOs, Global Government Organisations, riding roughshod over democratic process to implement the same One World approach that they peddled during Banana Syndrome. With the honourable exception of Sweden which proved that, just as in the world of investing, going against the crowd can get you a much better outcome.

At a recent conference of the World Bank and IMF in Morocco (why are these shindigs never held in Stoke on Trent by the way?) Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director, said: “If countries develop CBDCs only for domestic deployment we are under-utilising their capacity. For this reason, the IMF is working on the concept of a global CBDC platform.”

Perhaps in a reference to the way the BRICS countries have responded to the weaponisation of the US dollar, she went on to say that, “We are working on a principle of interoperability with a shared infrastructure that would avoid the emergence of settlement blocks, which is the last thing we want and to avoid further economic fragmentation”. She also said that failure to impose a centralised CBDC platform would lead to increased use of those nasty, de-centralised crypto currencies. Hallelujah! That’s exactly what any freedom loving citizens should aspire to. Here at Beaufort we refer to gold and Bitcoin as private money, i.e. funds that are not issued by a central bank and cannot be debased or inflated away. If you live in the UK at the moment you are being deliberately impoverished in two ways. The freezing of tax allowances until 2028 has been independently acknowledged as the biggest stealth tax raid in forty years. Meanwhile, the money you save to try and pay these taxes is losing value at anything between the official government figure of 10% and the more realistic estimate of 15-20% a year. In a nutshell, the middle class is being destroyed.

I had a planning session with one of our members the other day. He earns around £200,000 a year as an employee so his effective tax rate is now 60%. He spent years building a seven figure buy-to-let portfolio but, as a result of all the new regulations, loss of tax relief and myriad interest rate hikes his net yield from the portfolio is a paltry 1.7%. Little wonder he’s now looking to sell his portfolio, further exacerbating the crisis in the rental market, and is seriously looking at his options to move overseas.  This guy is one of the brightest and best in his profession and most countries would roll out the red carpet for him. Britain is clearly more interested in letting in illegal, unqualified immigrants to add to the benefits bill rather than hanging onto the wealth creators whose onerous tax payments fund their unsustainable pet projects.

I digress. Coming back to the subject of CBDCs, 114 central banks are experimenting with them and 10 have implemented them including Jamaica. Mind you, I did come across an article in the Jamaican press saying that the government was having to bribe its citizens to start using the digital currency. Just like China did. Mind you, it only took the equivalent of twenty quid to get the great unwashed to sell their soul to the devil. There was a petition to prevent programmable money in the UK but, perhaps a sign of the indifference of the Mediocre Majority, it only received 30,000 signatures, nowhere near the 100,000 needed to get a government response.

The GGO scope creep extends to the World Health Organisation. I’ve previously talked about their plans to expand their own power to declare global and regional banana syndromes which seems to be meeting some much needed resistance from the governments whose elected power they would like to overrule. But they are also touting the adoption of the EU ‘medicine passport’ which was supposed to be dismantled after Banana Syndrome. You’d better find a country where you are happy to live for the rest of your life soon because I guarantee that these passports are not being created to give you more freedom of movement – you may have noticed that France has now declared internal air travel illegal if there is an alternative route by train.  This is surely a far more important reason for Paris to be in flames than adding two years to the pension age?

This copycat approach even extends to the United Nations, which has announced that it would like to copy the World Economic Forum’s proposal for a digital ID linked to your bank account. They’ve issued three new policy briefs ahead of their Vision for the Future Summit in September 2024 where they intend to reveal their plan for an international financial architecture. They claim that this digital ID ‘harmonises with their sustainable development goals for 2030’. Err, how exactly? Klaus Schwab and his lieutenants are not resting on their laurels, instead working with a Swedish firm on a biometric ID that is embedded under your skin which they somehow claim will help social inclusion. Meanwhile Barrack Obama goes public demanding a digital fingerprint before we can access the internet in order to combat ‘misinformation’.  In Her Majesty’s Treasury report on the proposed digital pound, they claim that “the digital pound would be designed to support the government and bank’s commitment to mitigate climate change”.

So you see how the playbook works. First, you find a big social goal that no sane person could stand against like climate change, sustainability, social inclusion etc. Then, you define authoritarian policies, procedures and technologies that give you all the power you want to monitor and control us plebs. Then you create a tenuous link between the good cause and the nasty ways in which you want to control our lives. You co-ordinate a global PR campaign with your elite chums in the unelected GGOs and the compliant governments where the ministers are all graduates of the WEF Young Champions programme and hey presto. By the end of this decade a cultural and political transformation from free market capitalism to authoritarian Marxism is achieved without a shot being fired. Simples, as those furry creatures advertising comparison sites might say. My guess is that we, the silent majority of sane people who remember the freedoms our parents and grandparents fought and died for, have around eighteen to twenty four months to make enough noise to start turning this juggernaut around. The question is, who or what is going to lead the charge?

For a detailed explanation of how this will work watch this outstanding video by the world’s greatest financial plumber, George Gammon.