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Beaufort Society is a global community of like-minded, successful people looking to build multi-generational wealth

Our response to that is to provide:

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  • Guidance in the form of a Macro Thesis and a supporting Model Portfolio
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We call our community the Beaufort Society and we run it as a private members’ club. We don’t charge for membership because we’ve yet to establish any trust with you.

If at some point you decide to invest in any of the opportunities in our portfolio, or to work with our carefully chosen expert partners, we have fee-sharing agreements in place that reward us for the work that we do.

As you will see on the Team page we are not a large organization and we are mature adults who have been round the block a few times! That means you won’t be pestered with sales calls from spiky haired 21 year-olds hungry to reach this month’s commission target.

There are two simple steps to joining – the application form which tells us a bit about you and what you are looking for and the Self Certification which confirms that you qualify as a High Net Worth investor to receive our content.

Once you’ve completed that process please check your email (including your spam folder) for a Welcome from the Beaufort team. I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events or at our monthly online Member Forum.

Our members tell us that this is the most challenging time they’ve ever known for building and protecting wealth.

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    I’ve always made my own investment decisions, mainly in property and shares, so it was a new departure to join a club for high net worth investors. Considering that I didn’t know what a club like this would be like, I have to say it’s been very useful thus far and I’m happy I joined.

    Peter Coy

    Shipping Container Entrepreneur, London