You can’t turn your back on these guys for a moment. While it seems like no one is going to jail for all the lies and misinformation spread by governments, medical authorities, big pharma and mainstream media during the pandemic, there’s an even bigger scandal brewing that is hardly getting any airtime at all.

I’m talking about sweeping new powers that a government near you is about to give to the disastrously incompetent World Health Organisation and its unelected, unaccountable leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. It’s a tough contest to decide which organisation did the worst job of dealing with Covid, but it’s hard to imagine how the WHO could have handled things with any less effectiveness than we witnessed in those dark years of 2020 and 2021.

Only a cynic would suggest that the bit-part played by the WHO would in any way have been influenced by the source of the Wuhan Flu, a country that now exerts a strong influence in that hapless NGO just like they do in the World Trade Organisation. The really worrying news is that it seems they have no intention of playing a minor role in the next pandemic. And your so-called leaders look set to abdicate responsibility to these jokers, presumably so that there’s a ready and willing scapegoat for the next almighty screw-up.

The World Health Organisation is proposing the adoption of a ‘Pandemic Treaty’ or a ‘Pandemic Accord’ along with amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005). Surprise, surprise, these amendments would cede unprecedented authority to the WHO at the expense of the sovereignty of your country and its elected leaders.

It’s all very cosy you see. If the WHO wants to change the rules, all they need is a majority vote in their own ruling body, the World Health Assembly. No further ratification takes place in individual member countries. No parliamentary scrutiny, no details are shared with oiks like you and me. Well, plebs like us wouldn’t understand, would we? Thank God we have these talented technocrats to make all these grown-up decisions for us.

You might think that the most an institution like the WHO could do is give advice to governments. Wrong. Some of the new amendments propose that WHO ‘advice’ would be legally binding on all states and their hapless subjects. Sorry, citizens. I keep forgetting that we are free men and women living in a democracy.

Just to be clear, these changes mean that the Director General of the WHO could unilaterally declare a public health emergency without seeking any input from our government or even his own colleagues. It turns him into a global dictator unencumbered by checks and balances. Presumably President Xi can help with the wording of his job description. Something like ‘must be comfortable being an unelected, unaccountable person with the power to take decisions that restrict the lives of billions of people’. One of the proposals even removes any obligation to consider an individual’s human rights in the application of the International Health Regulations. The WHO could issue binding requirements for lockdowns, masks, quarantines, border closures, travel restrictions, mandatory vaccinations, mandatory medical examinations and anything else that takes their fancy.

Of course, there has to be some nice new technology to monitor us and further restrict our movements, so there will be an international database making it easier to enforce travel restrictions through good old vaccine certificates, testing and recovery certificates along with passenger locator forms and health declarations. Probably best to keep all this in a chip embedded under our skin so that we can easily be re-programmed as the need arises. That would help with the proposal, and I’m being serious here, to increase WHO funding so they can create a surveillance system which the WHO will have the power to examine in each state.

Having failed so miserably to detect and deal with Covid, the WHO proposes sweeping new powers to watch out for new viruses, decide how big a threat they are and put in place the appropriate response.  Is your blood pressure starting to rise yet? If not, I suggest an immediate trip to A&E. You can see how this gargantuan scope creep is going to play out, can’t you? First, we give them more taxpayers’ money to pee away on more staff with inflated salaries and gold-plated pensions that would make a French train driver blush. Then, in order to justify their existence, these people will suddenly discover fourteen major threats that require immediate action across the 194 member states of the World Health Dictatorship.

So what is the position of the UK’s intrepid leadership team on this unprecedented threat to our liberty? About the same as the response to illegal immigration. Or to the state of the NHS. A distant sound of a fiddle can be heard as London burns, while there is also some rattling as deckchairs are rearranged on the Titanic. Meanwhile, time is running out. Some or all of the 307 amendments may be passed as soon as next month and at the latest by May 2024.

What can you and I do? The WCH, a people’s health and sovereignty initiative, has raised a petition to hold a parliamentary vote in the UK on whether to object to previously and quietly passed 2022 amendments and also calling for a vote to reject most of the additional 307 amendments under negotiation. They are already up to 15,000 signatures which forces a government response but if the number reaches 100,000 signatures the Government is obliged to consider holding a debate in Parliament.

Links to the petition are in the description below and there’s a template letter you can send to your MP. I know that I’m always banging on about the extent to which our freedoms are being taken away from us. But even a hard-bitten old cynic like me is astonished by the brazen authoritarianism contained in these amendments. The only hope is that the fascists we’ve already elected will not want to cede power to an even bigger bully that they would have no control over.

You’ve seen how the French have reacted to Macron’s modest pension reforms. You’ve seen how Israelis have responded to their prime minister trying to strip the powers of an independent judiciary. And you’ve seen the bravery of Iranians protesting the restrictions of their religious rulers. When do stoic Brits finally take to the streets in defence of liberty and basic human freedoms? Could the threat of semi-permanent lockdowns and an end to freedom of movement be the trigger? Freedom is not a natural state of being. It has to be fought for and I have a feeling the time for talking may be coming to an end.

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